How to Increase Productivity When Your Employees are Working From Home

Reading time: 5 minutes | By: SkyDogg  | Aug 24, 2022

Remote working or working from home was a new concept until a few years back, but the pandemic has compelled many businesses to choose it over working at the office. Since the pandemic was unexpected, and the future was uncertain, businesses didn’t get enough time to set up the tools and software required to manage remote workers.

Monitoring productivity is difficult when most of the employees are working remotely, but the latest cloud solutions and CRM tools like SkyQuota has built-in features that build healthy competition among the employees. Here’s how you can increase employee productivity when working from home.

Set mutually agreed expectations

As mentioned earlier, it is hard to monitor productivity when working from home. Some projects may need more time, and some can be completed in a few hours, and hence it is necessary to discuss and set expectations with each employee.

Maintaining a general calendar where employees can mark when they plan to work from home, using time and keypress tracking tools, and using collaboration tools that display the top performers are some of the best ways to increase employee productivity. The productivity can be measured on the basis of the expectations you agreed on.

Equip your team with the right tools

Businesses need better collaboration tools when employees are working remotely. At times, employees may have to make a quick video call and share their screen, and sometimes they’ll have to send files and conversations with multiple people.

Equipping your team with the right tools that can handle all the communication and collaboration needs of the business is necessary when implementing remote working. Employees shouldn’t have to shift between different app silos as it takes up a lot of time and never works well. Solutions that can be integrated tightly with your business tools can save a lot of time and increase productivity.

Give them flexibility and autonomy

It is no longer a secret that micromanagement decreases productivity. Giving your employees flexible working hours and trusting them to complete the targets on time goes beyond just increasing productivity.

In this way, employees find a suitable routine, maintain a good work-life balance and get enough family time, which in turn improves the mental health and keeps them more focused at work. 

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