Why You Should Choose AI-based Conversational Marketing for Your Business

Reading time: 5 minutes | By: SkyDogg  | Jul 17, 2022

Chatbots have been around for a few years now, and we all know that they don’t replace customer support people. Yes, they do provide answers to a few support and sales questions, but the answers returned are often preset responses based on keywords. They were not intelligent enough to convince people to buy products and services.

The recent developments in technology show that AI-based chatbots can accelerate business growth by initiating human-like conversations. They can respond in a way that is easily grasped by the customer and do not return preset answers anymore.

Here are two reasons why AI-based conversational marketing is the future and why businesses should go for it.

Low costs, high ROI

Customer care carries a high operating cost in the business world, and it is something that cannot be compromised. Customer support that is always live and helpful plays a significant role in building a loyal customer base.

Robots like SkyIntel help businesses cut down the customer support costs by a significant margin. The customer experience is not affected as the robot collects data from each conversation. At the same time, the robot can handle requests at a higher volume than humans. 

Conversational AI robots can also close leads at a higher conversion rate as it learns the voice, tone, and words that work better. The sales qualification duties will be done by the AI after each conversation, and salespeople can focus on more important areas. The costs associated with AI chatbot is very low compared to customer service representatives, and the ROI is considerably high.

Higher Productivity

When you have a marketing robot set up, it’ll be live 24x7, allowing CSRs plenty of time to respond to complex queries and support requests. The algorithm notifies support people when human intervention is needed, so customers always get their queries answered.

Conversational marketing robots will also give valuable insights into the customers’ problems, and the most asked questions, allowing businesses to handle support requests and leads better. Over time, the data and insights will help companies to make the right decisions and accelerate revenue growth.

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