2022 is About Websites Built with Lead and Sales Generating Technologies

Reading time: 5 minutes | By: SkyDogg  | Nov 17, 2022

Not so long ago, websites meant pages built with text, blue links, and images. Many of us didn’t even imagine that all these video calls, streaming, and online shopping would be possible with websites. When most people were figuring out website technology, some people saw possibilities, and they invented and introduced new functionalities into websites. And today, we see Augmented Reality, AI chatbots, and powerful video editors - all built into websites.

Those who have observed the evolution of marketing, selling, and technology in the last three decades know that it is critical to adapt to the latest advancements and adopt the latest tools and solutions just to stay in the game. Today, it’s not the salespeople; it’s the technology that generates leads and sales.

Your website has to do the selling.

In 2021-2022, websites are capable of selling the products and services themselves. Yes, most businesses still run large-scale marketing campaigns, but the latest trends show that all of it is coming down to generating website traffic. The technology on the website itself will do the selling.

For example, let’s take website chatbots. While most chatbots of the previous decade returned replies based on keywords, today’s chatbots are more robotic and offer the customer an interactive experience just like human beings. They can understand what the customer is looking for, and they know how to convince them to buy the product or give their contact details. If sales and marketing robots can do this at their early stages of development, imagine what they will be doing in five or ten years.

However, it’s not just about robots. Prospects expect websites to have all the technologies that help them know the product better, in the form of demos, videos, and detailed guides. The change in trend is so evident that companies that do not adopt these technologies may not even survive.

People need instant replies.

When it comes to customer support and experience, its significance has only increased over the years. Imagine you are looking for a software solution that needs some complex initial configurations to make it work correctly. Would you choose it from a company that responds within a day or a company that responds within an hour?

The same applies to your business. As texting is most people’s primary communication method, its significance will only go up in the coming years. Your customer support team has to be proactive in solving customers’ problems, and you might even want technology to support you. Web robots are also getting popular in the customer support department as they can resolve most customer support requests. 

But you can’t rely on robots alone for sure. 2021-2022 is a transition phase, and older generations still prefer phone calls. The bottom line is that we and our businesses must evolve with technology, and if we don’t, we will be left behind. 

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