WordPress Websites vs. Custom Websites: Why a custom website is the best choice for businesses

Reading time: 5 minutes | By: SkyDogg  | May 27, 2022

The business environment and technology are changing so fast that we don’t have enough time to analyze each development carefully. Even seemingly minute mistakes lead to failure, and seemingly small steps in the right direction lead to success.

In an era where almost all businesses offer online services, it is necessary to have a website that loads fast, looks great, and is future-proof. Since the release of WordPress in 2003 and Joomla in 2005, businesses found it easier to build and manage websites on these platforms than building a custom website. 

The trend continued till the mid-2010s, and today, as web design algorithms advanced further, businesses are returning to custom websites - because it is just worth it. Companies like Sky Methods have pioneered the way for SMBs to have modern websites. While there are many reasons behind this, the most important are as follows.

Privacy and Security

People are concerned about privacy and data security. Getting a prospect’s contact details is more difficult than it was five or ten years ago, thanks to all those spammers and hackers. 

All websites built on the same CMS use the same code, and we have to install multiple plugins on top of that to get the features we want. This is dangerous from a security point of view since if there’s any security vulnerability in the CMS or the plugins we use, all the websites using that plugin or CMS can be hacked without much effort. In terms of privacy, the plugins we use will collect user data from our websites, making the business’s ‘strong’ privacy policy irrelevant.

Custom-built websites are less accessible for hackers since only the people behind the website have the source code. It may be hackable, but the effort that hackers have to put into it is way more than that for a CMS website.


WordPress and Joomla are great and are supported by a large community, but their own design hinders their adaptability to new technologies. When it comes to new technologies like Artificial Intelligence and robots, CMS platforms fall behind custom websites - because the underlying technology has to be supported by the CMS before you can build on it.

When you build a custom website, all the technologies can be integrated with it as needed, and you won’t have to wait for the ‘official updates’ to get those features.

Reliance on old technologies

WordPress is almost 18 years old, and a lot has changed in these years. In fact, the underlying language of WordPress is no longer preferred by programmers as JavaScript has been the most preferred one for the last eight years.

Node.js and similar environments used in custom development have the advantage of streamlining the development process since one language can be used across the entire development stack. This also means better scalability and performance than CMS websites.

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