How a CRM Can Help You Create Better Marketing Campaigns

Reading time: 5 minutes | By: SkyDogg  | Oct 24, 2022

A Customer Relationship Management tool or a CRM is a must-have solution for every business. It has broader applications today and plays a major role in framing the business’s decisions regarding products, marketing, and customer experience.

Startups and SMEs often fail to understand the importance and use cases of CRMs and so fail to get the best out of it. The latest CRMs like SKYCRM are developed by salespeople for salespeople and are capable of analyzing the customer data and provide insights and suggestions that help decision-makers drive the business to success.

Here’s how CRMs help businesses create better marketing campaigns.

Find and target the right leads

Businesses get several pre-sale questions a day from prospects, but all of those prospects are not expected to turn into customers. A CRM is a detailed database of every potential customer who has interacted with your brand, who has turned into customers, and who has been disqualified by your sales team.

Analyzing this data on a periodic basis will help you identify the customer demographics and segments that work the best and are less relevant to your business. This means highly targeted advertisements and campaigns in the future, high ROI, and spending only on promising campaigns.

Proper segmentation

Your prospects include people from different backgrounds, and marketing campaigns will be very effective when you are running separate campaigns for each set of audiences. A CRM will help you segment the audience based on their characteristics such as industry, job role, company size, recent activities, and even social media activity.

The goal is to create a marketing mix that matches customer expectations. The emails you send to a new prospect who has little idea about your product should be focusing on brand awareness. At the same time, the emails you send out to prospects who are looking for similar products should be focusing on your positioning.

Campaign analysis

Marketing is a process in which you learn from the mistakes and improvise to run even better campaigns. A CRM will help you measure each campaign’s success, with detailed analytics on what types of emails and campaigns are successful, what does not work, high performing segments, etc. 

You’ll also get information regarding the frequency of emails that work best, and so you can reduce the number of people unsubscribing from your email list by sending out only relevant emails. With such detailed analytics and helpful information, your marketing will only get better over time.

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