Cold Calling and Webinars: Do They Still Work in 2022?

Reading time: 5 minutes | By: SkyDogg  | Nov 25, 2022

Cold calling and webinars were two of the most effective marketing strategies of their time. But we have all got at least one cold call, even in 2022, and that brings us to the question - do these methods still work? If not, why are companies still doing this?

In today’s article, we examine the cases where cold calling and webinars are still effective and how marketers can get the best out of it in 2022. Let’s dive in deep!

Do cold calling and webinars still work?

The short answer is yes, they do. However, since sales is an ever-evolving industry, a lot has changed in the past five to six years. Cold calling and webinars do not work as they used to, and they have been replaced by cold emailing and digital marketing. But if you have a great strategy, you can still generate leads and sales from cold calling and webinars.

They’re not effective primary sales methods anymore.

Recent developments in cloud technology and artificial intelligence have changed the way we sell products and services. Marketing robots, email marketing, and social media marketing are returning great results, while old-school methods like billboards and cold calling are failing.

Today, cold calling and webinars can no longer be the primary methods. Yes, you can still generate leads and sales using these methods, but it won’t be enough to ensure growth, and your competitors who are using the latest technologies like sales robots for sales generation will be far ahead of you in the game.

But if you have automated the lead and sales generation using robots, you can run cold calling campaigns and webinars as secondary methods to build brand awareness and generate quality leads. Expert-level webinars on exciting topics attract a large audience, and it gives a golden opportunity to pitch your products.

Sell a solution through cold calls, and conduct webinars that convey your expertise.

This stage in the evolution of selling is called the era of solution selling. When cold-calling prospects, instead of introducing the product right away, you should ask questions that build trust and help you understand the challenges the prospects face. Once you know the pain points, you can introduce your product as the solution to their problems. Building trust and connection is an integral part of solution selling, and your cold calling campaigns will be effective when you follow the latest methods.

When it comes to webinars, discussing topics that indicate expertise in your industry is critical in 2022. The internet is flooded with people discussing topics that they don’t know about, and what prospects look for is genuine niche expertise. Conducting webinars on advanced topics while making it easy to understand for everyone will help you position yourself as authoritative in your niche and generate quality leads.

In 2022, your primary strategy for generating leads and sales should utilize sales and marketing robot technology.  Have you experienced robots that initiate human-like conversations with each website visitor? Try SkyIntel now for free!