How AI is Changing Sales

Reading time: 5 minutes | By: SkyDogg  | Jul 25, 2022

Artificial Intelligence has various applications in the business world, from inventory management and accounting to marketing to sales and marketing robots. We have not seen its full potential yet, but from what we have today, AI has changed our perceptions of growth and revenue acceleration.

Generating leads and sales has been our duty until a few years back, but today, Sales and Marketing Robots are proving that they can handle sales better than us. The ROI is very high for robots that can perform marketing and sales duties since they return a significantly higher conversion rate. 

Here is how AI is changing sales.

Conversational Marketing

When we hear of conversational marketing, we remember the chatbot that returned answers that are not relevant to our question. Those days are gone, and today, Robots like SkyIntel can initiate human-like conversations with website visitors and actually convince them to buy the product or service.

Conversational marketing robots have redefined what we believed to be a good conversion rate. Through continuous learning and data analysis, these algorithms get smarter every day and change their voice, tone, and word usage to convert maximum prospects into customers.

Price optimization

Discounts and deals often help in closing a deal, but what discount, if any, to give a prospect is always a tricky question. The discounts should be enough to convince prospects, but it shouldn’t affect the company’s growth and revenue.

Today, robots help businesses optimize the price and discounts by analyzing the features and responses of past deals that were won or lost. They do this considering various factors like the number of competitors, competitors’ pricing, company size, client’s annual revenue, and the size of the deal in dollar amount. This kind of price optimization ensures that the business is most likely to win the deal.

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