Website Lead Generation: 3 Mistakes You Should Avoid in 2022

Reading time: 5 minutes | By: SkyDogg  | Dec 23, 2022

Lead generation is a critical area that directly affects the success of every business. There are many ways to generate leads, but a seemingly minute mistake at some point can cause your conversion rate to drop. More often than not, finding out those mistakes and fixing them will return a higher conversion rate with the existing content and lead generation strategies. 

Here are the most common mistakes that startups and businesses make when it comes to lead generation.

You have not optimized your CTAs.

“The best marketing does not feel like marketing” - this quote by Tom Fishburne should be taken as chapter one of your marketing strategies. It applies to everything you do related to marketing - including lead generation and CTAs. 

Read some of your CTAs as if you are a prospective client. Does it sound like the business is trying to sell you something? If yes, you might be doing it wrong. The best CTAs sound like the business is trying to solve the prospect’s problems and not like the business is trying to sell their product.

As a general rule of thumb, CTAs should be short and concise and should have a compelling reason why the readers should buy the product. Also, remember to go for words that provoke emotion or enthusiasm. CTAs, when presented with numbers and data, return great conversion rates.

You aren’t using the latest technology for lead generation.

Do you know what technology will bring you the maximum number of leads and sales? Have you tried to automate any area of lead generation? If not, you might be making a mistake. Technology is advancing at a fast pace and so staying updated is a huge part of the game.

The latest advancement in lead generation are marketing robots that initiate conversations just like human beings. Robots like SkyIntel chat with each website visitor intelligently to convert them into leads. They can answer prospect’s questions, collect valuable data, and inform salespeople when human intervention is needed. 

Installing a marketing robot will maximize the leads you get from the website visitors. Once they are installed, the focus can be shifted to traffic generation as these robots can take care of themselves and return a conversion rate much higher than our existing methods.

You aren’t focusing on blogging and SEO.

Do you have a blog that is updated regularly? Does your website and blog appear on the first page of search engines? Blogging and SEO are time-consuming, and the results will be visible only after months, but that is not a sound reason not to do it. Blogs are incredible lead-generating machines, even in 2022.

Publishing useful, valuable content regularly will attract prospects to your website. Try to make your blogs as entertaining and educational as possible so that the readers wait for your next article. You can also publish e-books, white papers, and case studies and optimize them to get organic traffic and leads.

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