3 Reasons Why You Should Send Push Notifications

Reading time: 5 minutes | By: SkyDogg  | Dec 09, 2022

Nowadays, the success of a brand isn’t only dependent on the quality of the products and services offered but also on the marketing strategies and customer retention strategies adopted by the brand. The quality of the product matters the most, but at the same time, businesses have to keep the customers engaged to ensure success in the long run.

Push notifications are one of such methods adopted by businesses to keep customers engaged and entertained. Whether it is web app push notifications or mobile push notifications, it never fails to yield great results when you have a strong strategy. Here are the three most important benefits of push notifications.

Stimulate engagement, retain more customers, and increase the CLV

Statistics show that 90% of the downloaded apps are only opened once by the users, and only 16% of people test an app more than twice. This tells us that the initial period is critical, and businesses have to remind the users about the app in some way to avoid uninstallation.

Sending out engaging, personal, informative, and sentimental push messages can do wonders when it comes to customer retention. However, sending out too many push messages will irritate customers to the point of app deletion. Most businesses run A/B tests with different tones, styles, and frequencies to find the combination that assures the best results. 

Better targeting and hence better conversion rates

Mobile and web applications can collect additional data from customers. If the customers use any of your apps or services, you already have the data to keep them engaged and entertained with push notifications, like their interests, location, age, etc. 

Several brands send out triggered push notifications, and it is one of the best ways to ensure great conversion rates. For example, once the product is delivered, Amazon sends out a delivery notification, followed by an offer - like free delivery until the end of the day or a 10% off on related products. Push notifications allow this kind of specific targeting and hence return good conversion rates.

Increase subscriber base

Each marketer knows that it is becoming increasingly hard to collect the email addresses of users and prospects. It is expected to become more challenging in this decade, and statistics show that businesses have to develop niche-specific, high-quality content that indicates genuine expertise to generate leads.

Since push messages do not ask for email addresses, the prospects who do not want to share their email address find it as a better option. Hence, push notifications allow businesses to increase the subscriber base and communicate with prospects who would have opted out otherwise.

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