Why Your Brand Needs a Slogan and a Tagline in 2022

Reading time: 5 minutes | By: SkyDogg  | Feb 09, 2022

Everyone agrees that words are so powerful, yet in the world of marketing, slogans and taglines are not the first concern for many. Yes, they are not as important as having a logo, but when someone says ‘Just do it,’ that reminds us of Nike, and that is what slogans and taglines do - cements the brand in people’s minds.

While great slogans and taglines have a lot to do with successful brand building, a bad one can create a negative impact also. Here are three reasons why your brand needs a slogan and tagline.

They build value over time.

Slogans and taglines may not be remembered in the short run as much as the brand name, but over time, it can become one of the most memorable identities of your brand. People will associate the tagline with your brand and may even be more likely to remember the tagline than the company name.

However, a tagline can backfire as well. If you are saying that your brand is the best when you certainly aren’t, you are breaking the customer’s trust even before they get to try your products. However, businesses like Sky Methods have been helping companies and startups develop slogans and taglines that the audience can emotionally connect with.

They sum up what your brand is all about.

Your company may have a mission statement and a vision statement, but they’re often a little longer, and people might not remember it easily. Slogans and taglines fill this gap by summing up the core message of your business into a catchy phrase. 

For example, Apple’s ‘Think different’ induces a thought of innovation, which Apple is all about. Allstate’s ‘Are you in good hands?’ indicates safety and security. Slogans and taglines provide information about the brand, voice, and personality that the logo and color scheme can’t.

They make you stand out.

In today’s market, standing out is what it's all about, and a good tagline can help you stand out from the rest, even if your products are similar. As mentioned before, the slogan and tagline represent the company’s vision and mission, and hence they can work as the differentiator between your brand and the competitors.

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