How to Write an Effective Email Campaign that Converts

Reading time: 5 minutes | By: SkyDogg  | Sep 09, 2022

Email marketing is one of the cheapest methods to drive leads and sales. For the same reason, on any given day, our inbox is flooded with a bunch of email newsletters that we will never read. Even among them, we find a few interesting ones that are worth our time. It is not that all the other emails are irrelevant, but they’re too poorly written and not so compelling.

This article is a quick wrap up of the most important things to do when writing a marketing email so that people will actually read it. Let’s dive deep in!

Craft the perfect subject line

When you have crafted a perfect subject line, almost half of the job is done. Email inboxes now show only the name and the subject line, so the receiver decides whether to open it or not solely based on these two. 

Email subject lines should be short, focused, and catchy. Focus on what it means to the customer rather than how you want your brand to be seen. People value time, and they are ready to read your emails if it is worth their time. 

If you are sending behavior-based trigger emails, mentioning why you are sending the email to them is a good idea. For example, ‘Avail 50 percent off on the products in your cart’ will work better than ‘Avail 50 percent off on clothing items’.

Maintain clarity

You should ask yourself questions like what is the primary goal of this email, what information does your audience care about, how knowledgeable they are about your industry, etc., before starting to write the email copy. Oftentimes, businesses try to include details about all of the services they offer, making people close the email halfway through.

If you offer multiple services, consider sending a series of targeted emails covering different topics. Also, when you explain your services, mention why it matters to the customer, why you are better than your competition, and how the customer can get it. Businesses like Sky Methods help startups and SMEs write compelling marketing emails to achieve high conversion rates.

Just like any blog copy or website copy, the paragraphs should be short, and there should be enough graphics in between. Always remember that people tend to ignore cluttered content.

Include a call to action

No marketing email is complete without a call to action. It is how you measure the success of your campaign, and it is how you drive traffic and sales from your emails.

The CTA should be short, easy, and to the point, and it should not be a long sentence. Depending on the length of your email, you can add the CTA one or two times. Overdoing it will have negative effects, and it should be simple like ‘Order now’ or ‘Request a price quote now.’ Adding compelling offers like ‘30-day money-back guarantee’ or ‘Free delivery’ under the CTA will increase the click-through rate and website visitors at the top end of the funnel.

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